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Time After Time Capsule – NYC

“The participatory art project Sebastian Masuda
“Time After Time Capsule” is coming to New York City!!
Please bring your happy / colorful / memorial thing and join the time capsule ceremony on May 3rd! Let’s share our colorful future together!!”

This is going to be so cool! I’m going to try to make it, and bring something funky to put into the Hello Kitty Capsule!

Ceremony: May 3rd 2015, Starting @ 1pm – 5pm   
Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, New York, New York 10017

Event Page

Sebastian Masuda Flyer

Sebastian Masuda hello kittySebastian Masuda Art

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Kawaii Girl of The Month!! PastelOphelia!!


“Hey there is Ophelia!~ I also go by my name PastelOphelia.
I wanted a name which was cute, subtle but represents my interests. I adore cute pastel things, but I also love ethereal beautiful things like the painting Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais to which my father names me after.

I love vibrant styles which feel you with passion and positivity! I’m all about positivity and how to cope as with depression whilst still loving cute, vibrant styles!”

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A picture I recently drew and a pillow I made for the more craft side of what I do etc.

  PastelOphelia drawingPastelOphelia craft

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New Hello Kitty Dim Sum in Hong Kong!!!

The restaurant is opening this month in Hong Kong, and will have an array of foods shaped like the Hello Kitty character. Will have Cantonese dim sum food, as well as rice and noodles. This isn’t the first Hello Kitty restaurant in it’s region. China has a pink inspired Hello Kitty Dreams restaurant as well.  Now they just need to open one up in NYC!!!

Hello kitty Dim sum
Hello Kitty Dim sum

photos provided by JetsoClub


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